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All Natural Hair Products Made To Grow Strong, Healthy, Thick, Long Hair And Exude Its Natural Beauty. For ALL hair  types.

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Heavenly Hair Creations has over 5 years of highly concentrated research which includes the knowledge and experience of a cosmetologist and a Bachelor Degree, National Deans List Registered Nurse. Our products are all natural ingredient formulas, aided to grow, strengthen, thicken, hydrate, replenish and restore hair and hair follicles insuring a healthy scalp from internally to externally when used properly and as directed. Our Hair Creations include high quality ingredients including essential oils, herbs, special butters, special oils and botanicals formulated with expertise and love. These products are hair essentials for hair growth and scalp health. All of our products are suited for "ALL" ethnicities and "ALL' hair types. So don't wait...shop here and start your transformation TODAY!!!

***Remember...CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!
You are purchasing products using top quality ingredients including some of the riches oils and butters available and formulated with high quality herbs and botanicals. Also we use pure essential oils and some unique oils as well. When used properly and daily, your hair and skin will feel the difference. Some products are potent and just a little goes a long way, use sparingly.

Thank you so much..now lets all grow thick, long, strong, healthy, hair!! 


We are here to aid in the process of obtaining and maintaining a healthy scalp, and grow strong, healthy, thick, long hair! NO HAIR TYPE OR ETHNIC GROUP IS EXCLUDED! Our products are formulated to work with EVERY hair type. Our products contain NO Chemicals, NO Parabens, No Preservatives, No Petroleum and is NOT Animal tested. 


 Results may vary with each individual. Not responsible for hair or scalp damage due to misuse of products. Follow all directions carefully. Remember with potent products...a little goes a long way, use sparingly. Thank you so much for your business.



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